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We remain a local business but offer an online shop for the convenience of placing an order. You can choose shipping or local pickup at checkout. Please note that products intended for internal consumption are only allowed to be shipped within Massachusetts.

To go directly to the store at any time, just click on “Shop” in the top menu bar. Or you can view detailed product descriptions, below, which contain links to materia medica for individual herbs and a direct link to the product in our store.

Our Products

When I formulate a product I do research to come up with a good synergy of the traditionally understood benefits of the herbs I chose for it. Truth be told, I usually go in with an initial idea of a few herbs, then stand in front of my plant shelves and ask, “what else?” If an herb calls to me, I grab it and then research it and so far it has always been a good addition to whatever I am creating. I feel blessed in this way. Another blessing is that my teas usually come out tasting pretty good on the first try, or with a few tweaks, but I have struggled with a couple – *cough, Sunshine Mint, cough.* It’s all part of the fun. My heart really lies with creating teas, if I could chose just one thing. And maybe I will at some point.

I will add product descriptions over time, to this space, until all my products are cataloged.